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Zen Dynamics "theory"

The aim of this site is to demonstrate how traditional Eastern teachings can be used to help harmonize mind-body-spirit dynamics and improve holistic well-being. The information is provided for educational purposes only - it should not be treated as medical advice, nor should it be used as the sole basis for making decisions.

The ideas that make up Zen Dynamics are drawn from three traditions which are historically independent of each other:

The latter two aspects are discussed in a little more detail on the Zen & Meditation page, and in much more depth in my Zen Dynamics book.

Purists may object to the mixing of ideas from different traditions, but in the East this is common practice. Zen Shiatsu includes elements of both Zen Buddhism and TCM, while the Abhidhamma word for meditation is jhana, which comes from Sanskrit "dhyana", as does Chan, the Chinese word for Zen!

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