Zen Dynamics

Zen Dynamics book

Putting Buddhist Theory into Practice


Buddhism can sometimes come across as abstract and philosophical, but it has a strongly practical side too - and that's what this book is all about. It focuses on four areas in particular:

- The analysis of personality types, both in Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine, showing how this can enhance self-awareness and personal development;

- How "karma", or the law of cause-and-effect applied on a personal scale, functions in an entirely non-mystical, non-supernatural way within the flow of human thoughts and emotions;

- How meditation techniques are used in different schools of Buddhism to calm the mind and provide insight into its inner workings;

- A "demystification" of Zen Buddhism, showing how its seeming illogicality and iconoclasm actually serve a serious practical purpose in developing the human mind.

This new book can be considered both as a sequel to Is Buddhism Scientific?" and as a more detailed explanation and development of ideas found on my Zen Dynamics website. It's available as a paperback (ISBN 979-8-86590711-4) or Kindle ebook from Amazon.com, Amazon UK and all other Amazon sites.

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