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Articles on Buddhism

As a kind of supplement to the Zen Dynamics website, here are some articles on Buddhism and related topics that I've put online over the years, including several book reviews that appeared in the Buddhist Society's magazine The Middle Way. At the request of the Buddhist Society, I also scanned a few Middle Way articles by other people - you can find them on a separate page on this site.

Book reviews

Buddhism and Human Rights. The Middle Way, August 1998. (online)
This subject isn't as straightforward as you might think, and I found this book - actually the proceedings of an academic conference - quite an eye-opener.
Buddhism and the Natural World. The Middle Way, February 1999. (online)
The main focus of the book is the Aggañña Sutta, which contains a charming little parable about the evolution of the first humans and their detrimental effects on the environment.
Cetasikas. The Middle Way, November 1999.
This book deals with one of my favourite forms of Buddhism - the Pali Abhidhamma - although I found it rather disaappointing due to its rambling structure and poor editing.
Zen's Chinese Heritage. The Middle Way, February 2001.
This is great book for anyone interested in Zen - a large, chronologically organized compendium of key writings by the early Chinese Zen Masters.
Personal Identity and Buddhist Philosophy. The Middle Way, May 2004.
Discussing various parallels between Buddhist ideas and recent developments in Western philosophy, this was one of the sources I drew on for my own book Is Buddhism Scientific? (see the listing further down this page).
The New Physics and Cosmology. The Middle Way, May 2005.
This is a book about Buddhism even though the title doesn't sound like it! It's based on a series of discussions between the Dalai Lama and a group of professional scientists, and not surprisingly its another important source I drew on for my Is Buddhism Scientific? book.
Chan Buddhism. The Middle Way, May 2006.
This book can be thought of as a kind of "prehistory" of Zen, as Chan Buddhism was Zen's predecessor in China.
The Awakening of Faith. The Middle Way, November 2006.
A new translation of The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana, a traditional Buddhist text that dates from the sixth century and provides a concise yet thorough tutorial on Mahayana Buddhist thought.
All is Change. The Middle Way, February 2007.
Subtitled "The two-thousand year journey of Buddhism to the West", this is a book about the changing attitude of the West towards Buddhism, from missionary zeal through intellectual curiosity to New Age syncretism. The book is by Lawrence Sutin, whose other works incude biographies of Philip K. Dick and Aleister Crowley.
Images of Enlightenment. The Middle Way, May 2007.
I've always been a little baffled by Tibetan form of Buddhism, with its numerous images of colourful deities and demons. This book did a lot to clarify their primarily symbolic purpose as an aid to meditation.

Other writings

Is Buddhism Scientific? (published as a paperback and ebook, 2019)
My first book-length essay on Buddhism - the answer to the titular question being either yes or no, depending on how you interpret it.
Bodhidharma - an annotated image I posted on this site in 2001
This would probably have been a short blog post if I'd had a blog in those days!
Quantum Shiatsu (letter published in Shiatsu Society News, Spring 2000.
I wrote this letter in reponse to an article in the previous issue, basically to endorse the views expressed in the article about some of the correspondences between the ideas of oriental medicine and those of modern physics. In particular, I referred to the thought-provoking experiments of Jacques Benveniste.
Buddhism and Science (letter published in The Middle Way, May 2000.
This was written in response to two separate articles in preceding issues, one arguing for the compatibility of Buddhism and modern physical science, and the other a rather intolerant attack on scientists from a Buddhist perspective. Not surprisingly, my letter supported the first article, and used its arguments to dispute the second!
Shiatsu FAQs - originally written for the Shiatsu Society's website
My original motivation for "Zen Dynamics" came from two directions - learning about Zen meditation at the Buddhist Society in London, and doing a course in "Zen Shiatsu" in Bristol a few years later. I produced this "Frequently Asked Questions" page for the Shiatsu Society in 2000.
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