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I care about your data privacy and security, and for this reason I DO NOT COLLECT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM YOU. As this site has no facility for users to create an account or log in, and as I do not sell any products or services, and as I do not accept user-submitted content via comment forms or any other means, I have absolutely no reason to collect any data from you. So I don't.


The blog that is embedded in this site uses WordPress software, and this DOES USE COOKIES. These are small data files that are saved to YOUR computer (not mine) while you are browsing my website. The ones used here simply store information relating to your use of the site, not sensitive personal data. This information is used by the software but not by me. I don't collect or retain any information about your visit.

These cookies are only used on the blog pages of this site, which have a dark grey background, not the pages with a light grey background like this one.

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