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Andrew May's Retro-Forteana Blog

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Here is a list of posts in reverse chronological order:

Pseudoscience and Science Fiction [ Fortean Times, science fiction, skepticism, weird science]

Astronomical debunking [ Astronomy, nostalgia, Physics, skepticism]

Contradiction - the All-Video Murder Mystery [ New Age, video games]

Sacred Porn [ Fortean Times, hoaxes, Religion, Sacred sex, The Da Vinci Code]

Astronomical computers (old ones) [ Astronomy, History, retro technology]

Superheroes, Funny Animals and Sequential Art (circa 1600) [ comics, Cryptozoology, folklore, History, legends, Shakespeare]

Ron Goulart's Cheap Thrills [ comics, Pulp magazines, satire, science fiction]

Tales of the Damned [ Cryptozoology, paranormal, science fiction]

Giants and Saints in the Scottish Isles [ Fortean places, History, legends, music, Saints]

The Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition [ Cryptozoology, folklore, Fortean places, legends, museums, Saints, Simulacra, skepticism]

Scottish Skepticism [ philosophy, Physics, skepticism]

The Enfield Haunting [ Fortean Times, ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, strange but true, unexplained]

Alien garden ornament [ Aliens]

Out-of-place Pterodactyl [ Cryptozoology, fossils, military technology, strange but true]

The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic [ military technology, museums, occult, paranormal, Phallicism, Sacred sex, witchcraft]

WHAAM! [ Art, comics, military technology, museums, nostalgia, Phallicism]

The Hell-Fire Club [ Fortean places, History, mythology, Secret societies, Symbolism, William Hogarth]

18th Century Electrostatic Flying Machine [ Ancient astronauts, retro technology, science fiction]

The House of the Screaming Skull [ Fortean places, ghosts, H. P. Lovecraft, hauntings, James Blish, John Brunner, legends]

The Somerset Space Walk [ Astronomy, History]

I already said that AGES ago [ Coincidences, prophecy, retro technology, retrospective, science fiction, Wikipedia]

Test your ESP [ paranormal, weird science]

A Low Budget Flying Saucer [ military technology, museums, UFOs]

Paranoid Conspiracy Death Cult [ Conspiracy theories, demons, video games]

Popular Science with a difference [ paranormal, Physics, space travel, weird science]

A little box of Bigfoot relics [ Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, hoaxes]

Who was Kirk Allen? [ Conspiracy theories, science fiction, unexplained]

My Kirlian Aura [ New Age, weird science]

Anything can happen in the next 30 seconds [ Astronomy, Physics]

More Research [ Aliens, Ancient astronauts, comics, nostalgia, science fiction, weird science]

The Return of the Lone Gunmen [ Coincidences, Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times, nostalgia]

What Makes a Great Physicist? [ Fortean Times, Physics]

Green-skinned nostalgia [ comics, nostalgia, video games]

I Call It Research [ Aliens, Arthur C. Clarke, Atlantis, Charles Fort, Conspiracy theories, nostalgia, paranormal, science fiction]

Some old X-Files [ Art, Buddhism, Conspiracy theories, Cryptozoology, museums, nostalgia, philosophy, poetry, science fiction, The Bible, unexplained]

Planet of Vampires [ comics, nostalgia, science fiction]

Conspiracies, Ethics and Whistleblowers [ Conspiracy theories, Robert Silverberg, science fiction]

Arrgh! Bigfoot [ Bigfoot, comics, satire]

Five Years [ retrospective]

From Newton to Einstein [ History, Physics]

The Writer's Secret [ comics, poetry, Pulp magazines, satire]

Alchemy Crossword Puzzle [ Alchemy, crosswords]

Man-Gods from Beyond the Stars [ Ancient astronauts, Charles Fort, comics, nostalgia, satire, science fiction]

From Science Fiction to Science Fact [ nostalgia, science fiction, weird science]

A Few Fortean Novels by Ian Watson [ Alchemy, Art, Buddhism, Sacred sex, science fiction, UFOs]

Space-Gods and Venusians [ Ancient astronauts, nostalgia, skepticism, Theories, ufology]

Tarzan versus Doc Savage [ Conspiracy theories, erotica, nostalgia, Pulp magazines, science fiction, Secret societies]

The Case of the Little Green Men [ Aliens, Charles Fort, Eric Frank Russell, nostalgia, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

The Department of Fortean Events [ Ancient astronauts, comics, Fortean Times, nostalgia, Richard Shaver, Shakespeare]

A Very Odd Picture [ Buddhism, comics, museums, Religion]

Going Down. Beneath the Bermuda Triangle [ Atlantis, erotica, Philip K. Dick, prophecy, pyramids, satire, science fiction]

Back to the Future [ comics, nostalgia, science fiction, video games]

More Oddities of the Jurassic Coast [ Fortean places, Fortean Times, History, military technology]

Pulp Sleaze [ Pulp magazines]

A Weird Offer! [ Archaeology, Architecture, folklore, Fortean places, History, legends]

Weird Wessex [ Archaeology, Architecture, folklore, Fortean places, History, legends]

Pound Shop Forteana [ Fortean Times, hauntings, military technology, paranormal, science fiction, strange but true, unexplained]

Jill Trent and the Flying Saucer Mystery [ comics, satire, science fiction, UFOs]

The Number of the Beast [ philosophy, Pulp magazines, science fiction, The Bible, weird science]

Rocket to the Morgue [ Charles Fort, Fortean Times, Pulp magazines, Sacred sex, science fiction, weird science]

The Pulp Fiction of L. Ron Hubbard [ Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Cambridge Oddities [ Alchemy, Architecture, Art, hauntings, Knights Templar, museums, Physics]

Who Remembers Guru? [ comics, Fortean Times, nostalgia, philosophy, satire]

Old Books of the Fortean Kind [ Archaeology, Coincidences, Earth mysteries, erotica, Fortean places, Fortean Times, John Brunner, nostalgia, satire, science fiction, skepticism, Wikipedia]

Satirical Superheroes [ comics, nostalgia, Pulp magazines, satire, science fiction]

The Ancient Temples of Stourhead [ Architecture, Fortean places, mythology]

Finnegans Wake [ James Blish, nostalgia, Philip K. Dick, Robert Silverberg, science fiction, spiritualism]

Dragon Slayers [ Art, Cryptozoology, legends, museums, mythology, Saints]

More Fortean Fiction from CFZ Books [ Cryptozoology, science fiction]

An Astounding Prediction [ Coincidences, nostalgia, prophecy, Pulp magazines, science fiction, strange but true]

A Fortean Episode of Columbo [ military technology, nostalgia, paranormal]

Project Greenglow [ Fortean Times, military technology, Physics, weird science]

How UFOs Conquered the World [ mythology, skepticism, ufology, UFOs]

Fake News and Lazy Journalism [ Aliens, Fortean Times, hoaxes, urban legends]

The Lusitania Conspiracy [ Conspiracy theories, History, military technology]

Camelot, maybe [ Archaeology, Fortean places, Glastonbury, History, legends, New Age]

Isaac Newton and me [ Alchemy, Astronomy, New Age, Physics, The Bible]

The Cerne Giant [ Archaeology, Earth mysteries, History, mythology, Phallicism, satire]

The Natural Law Party [ Fortean Times, metaphysics, New Age, Physics, weird science]

Skull the Slayer [ Ancient astronauts, comics, fossils, nostalgia]

Three difficult things that are easier than Mars One [ Astronomy, Physics, space travel]

Jack Kirby's Universe [ Ancient astronauts, comics, Fortean Times, nostalgia, Steve Ditko]

Fake News Stories [ hoaxes, Moon secrets, satire]

Bigfoot on Parson's Creek [ Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, science fiction]

The World's Weirdest Publishing Group [ Cryptozoology]

The Lafferty Paradox [ Charles Fort, nostalgia, Philip K. Dick, philosophy, R. A. Lafferty, science fiction]

More Bigfoot Sleaze [ Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, erotica]

Anthology Nostalgia [ Charles Fort, nostalgia, Pulp magazines, R. A. Lafferty, Richard Wagner, Robert Silverberg, science fiction]

The History of Atlantis [ Atlantis, legends, New Age, philosophy, science fiction]

Weird News [ Fortean Times, phenomena, skepticism, strange but true, Theories, unexplained]

Fortean Aspects of the Flying Disks [ Charles Fort, Pulp magazines, Richard Shaver, science fiction, ufology, UFOs]

The Museum of the Future [ H. P. Lovecraft, museums, New Age, Philip K. Dick, Rennes-le-Chateau, satire, science fiction, ufology, weird science]

Retro-Fortean Answers [ Atlantis, comics, Conspiracy theories, Cryptozoology, Eric Frank Russell, nostalgia, Philip K. Dick, Pulp magazines, Rennes-le-Chateau, Richard Shaver, science fiction, Symbolism, ufology]

Retro-Fortean Crossword [ Atlantis, comics, Conspiracy theories, Cryptozoology, Eric Frank Russell, nostalgia, Philip K. Dick, Pulp magazines, Richard Shaver, science fiction, ufology]

Books, Plural [ Conspiracy theories, History, science fiction]

Museum Pieces [ military technology, museums, nostalgia]

The Ambrose Collector [ Charles Fort, Philip K. Dick, science fiction, unexplained]

A Saint, a Spy and the Holy Grail [ Architecture, Conspiracy theories, Fortean places, History, Holy Grail, legends, military technology, Phallicism, Saints, strange but true]

Conspiracy History [ Conspiracy theories, History]

Mad Scientists, Zombies and the Loch Ness Monster [ Cryptozoology, nostalgia, science fiction, weird science]

The Science of Bigfoot [ Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Theories, weird science]

Tales from the White Hart [ Arthur C. Clarke, Fortean Times, nostalgia, science fiction, weird science]

Britain's X-traordinary Files [ Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times]

Lost Souls of Dorset [ Coincidences, ghosts, hauntings, occult, paranormal, video games]

Qhe: Superhero of the Seventies [ New Age, nostalgia]

The Lemurian Conspiracy [ Ancient astronauts, Atlantis, Conspiracy theories, nostalgia, Pulp magazines, retro technology, Richard Shaver, satire, science fiction]

Master of the Mystic Arts [ comics, nostalgia, occult, Secret societies, Steve Ditko]

Iron Man, the Illuminati and the Holy Grail [ comics, Holy Grail, legends, nostalgia, Physics, Secret societies, weird science]

Retro Terrorism [ Coincidences, military technology, nostalgia, prophecy]

Ghost Towns of the Old West (od England) [ Fortean places, History]

The Man Who Helped to Free the World [ erotica, James Blish, nostalgia, Robert Silverberg, science fiction]

What-Ifs of the First World War [ History, science fiction, Theories]

Buddhism and Human Rights [ Buddhism, philosophy]

Esoteric Censorship [ Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times, witchcraft]

Quantum Weirdness [ Fortean Times, Physics, weird science]

Fortean Trends [ Charles Fort, Cryptozoology, Fortean Times, ufology]

Subversive Aliens [ Aliens, Art, comics, Phallicism, satire, UFOs]

Frog Falls, Dragons and the Universe [ Charles Fort, Cryptozoology, legends]

The Lost Crown [ ghosts, legends, paranormal, video games]

Victorian Strangeness [ Cryptozoology, Fortean Times, strange but true]

Fortean Nostalgia [ Conspiracy theories, nostalgia, retrospective]

Devon's Underground Secrets [ Architecture, Fortean places, Secret societies]

Fortean Agent of SHIELD [ comics, Fortean Times, nostalgia]

Creeping Coffins [ Eric Frank Russell, Fortean Times, John Dickson Carr, Lionel Fanthorpe, phenomena, science fiction, strange but true, unexplained]

Fortean Comics [ Charles Fort, comics, Fortean Times, H. P. Lovecraft, nostalgia]

The First UFO Hoaxers? [ Astronomy, hoaxes, Shakespeare, strange but true, UFOs]

Iron Age Oddities [ Archaeology, History, museums, strange but true]

The Promethean Galaxy [ comics, philosophy, retrospective, science fiction]

Hitler's Astrologer [ astrology, comics, History, nostalgia, Pulp magazines]

Patterson-Gimlin Film: Fake or Fact? [ Bigfoot, Cryptozoology]

Phallic Obsession [ Conspiracy theories, erotica, H. P. Lovecraft, Phallicism, science fiction]

The Lost Tomb of King Arthur [ Archaeology, Glastonbury, History, legends, Theories]

Post-Fortean Meta-Complexity [ Buddhism, Charles Fort, Philip K. Dick, retrospective]

Cult TV and Autoerotic Asphyxiation [ Coincidences, Conspiracy theories, nostalgia, science fiction, strange but true, UFOs]

Satan, Sin and Death [ Art, demons, poetry, satire, Symbolism]

Monsters, Mystery and a Monkey [ Art, demons, museums, Rennes-le-Chateau, Saints]

Pulp Forteana [ Eric Frank Russell, Fortean Times, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Chinese Alchemy [ Alchemy, Alternative therapies, erotica, Sacred sex, satire, science fiction]

Thought-forms and Wormholes, 17th century style [ Art, Astronomy, Cryptozoology, Physics]

Two Geeks, a Chicken and Bigfoot [ Bigfoot, Coincidences, Cryptozoology, drugs, erotica, satire, science fiction]

The Waste Land [ Buddhism, Charles Fort, Holy Grail, legends, New Age, Richard Wagner]

The Fortean Fiction of Robert E. Howard [ Atlantis, comics, Cryptozoology, H. P. Lovecraft, Pulp magazines]

Crossword Exegesis [ Ancient astronauts, Art, astrobiology, Buddhism, Charles Fort, Cryptozoology, Gnosticism, mythology, New Age, Philip K. Dick, philosophy, poetry, Pulp magazines, Religion, Shakespeare, The Bible, ufology, witchcraft]

Fortean Crossword [ Ancient astronauts, Architecture, Art, Astronomy, Charles Fort, Cryptozoology, History, mythology, philosophy, poetry, Pulp magazines, Religion, Sacred sex, Saints, Shakespeare, The Bible, ufology, witchcraft]

The Rendlesham Magi [ satire, science fiction, The Bible, ufology]

Orgy in the Temple [ Architecture, Art, Fortean places, Religion, retro technology, Sacred sex, science fiction, strange but true]

The Flying Dutchman in Comics [ comics, legends, music, nostalgia, Philip K. Dick, Richard Wagner, science fiction, Steve Ditko]

Shakespeare's Curse [ Agatha Christie, drugs, nostalgia, Shakespeare, strange but true]

The Marvel Age of Comics [ comics, nostalgia]

From Sardanapalus to Ashurbanipal [ Archaeology, Art, History, legends, museums]

Hoaxes in the Age of Reason [ Art, hoaxes, Secret societies, skepticism, strange but true]

Phallic Satire [ Art, Buddhism, Cryptozoology, Phallicism, Sacred sex, satire]

Laplace's Demon [ Astronomy, demons, Physics]

Phallic Symbols (mostly small ones) [ Art, Buddhism, museums, mythology, Phallicism, Sacred sex, Symbolism]

The Curse of the Ninth [ Coincidences, music, New Age, poetry, strange but true]

Fighting Philosophers [ drugs, History, philosophy, Pulp magazines, strange but true, Wikipedia]

A 17th Century Assassination [ Art, Conspiracy theories, History, museums, Religion]

The Scarab and the Stars [ Astronomy, New Age, strange but true, Symbolism]

Reinventing Ezekiel's Wheel [ Ancient astronauts, Art, Eric Frank Russell, Fortean Times, music, prophecy, Pulp magazines, Symbolism, The Bible, UFOs]

The Flying Submarine [ retro technology, science fiction, UFOs]

Modified Newtonian Dynamics [ Astronomy, Physics]

UFO architecture [ Architecture, UFOs]

Unusual Atmospheric Phenomena [ Astronomy, phenomena, UFOs]

Museum Secrets [ Alchemy, Archaeology, Art, Conspiracy theories, drugs, History, hoaxes, Holy Grail, legends, museums, military technology, New Age, Religion, Secret societies, strange but true]

From Dragon Bones to Chakra Stones [ Cryptozoology, Earth mysteries, Fortean places, legends, New Age]

More Underground Art [ Fortean places, legends, Leonardo Da Vinci, Saints]

Satire and the Internet [ Conspiracy theories, Cryptozoology, hoaxes, military technology, Philip K. Dick, satire, UFOs, urban legends]

Dragon Symbolism [ Architecture, Art, Cryptozoology, folklore, legends, Saints, Symbolism]

Anomalous Progress [ Fortean Times, nostalgia, phenomena, skepticism, Theories, ufology]

The Flying Saucer [ Conspiracy theories, hoaxes, science fiction, ufology]

Bumblebee Aerodynamics [ military technology, Myth-conceptions, Physics, urban legends]

Agatha Christie’s Séances [ Agatha Christie, New Age, spiritualism, witchcraft]

Not Even Wrong [ metaphysics, philosophy, Theories]

Precog Fiction [ Conspiracy theories, Eric Frank Russell, Fortean Times, John Brunner, Philip K. Dick, prophecy, retro technology, science fiction, Secret societies]

Spooky Action at a Distance [ ghosts, metaphysics, phenomena, Physics, Richard Wagner]

Paranormal Shakespeare [ ghosts, paranormal, prophecy, Shakespeare, witchcraft]

200 Years of Forteana [ History, retrospective, strange but true]

The Frieze of Parnassus [ Architecture, Art, music, poetry, retrospective]

The Strange Death of General Sikorski [ Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times, hauntings, History, prophecy, strange but true]

Big Black Cats: Physical or Paranormal? [ Art, Cryptozoology, demons, ghosts, paranormal, unexplained]

A 19th Century Contactee? [ Aliens, Art, ghosts, New Age]

Phascinating Phacts [ occult, Phallicism, Sacred sex, science fiction, strange but true, Symbolism]

Cosmic Relics [ Ancient astronauts, Archaeology, astrobiology, Atlantis, Eric Frank Russell, Lionel Fanthorpe, Moon secrets, science fiction, SETI]

Chasing Vermeer... and Charles Fort [ Art, Charles Fort, The Da Vinci Code]

The Papal Prophecies [ History, hoaxes, prophecy, Religion, Saints]

Charles Fort in Fiction [ Charles Fort, Eric Frank Russell, H. P. Lovecraft, James Blish, Lionel Fanthorpe, Pulp magazines, R. A. Lafferty, Richard Shaver, science fiction]

Bigfoot, Richard III and Outsider Science [ Archaeology, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, History, weird science]

Relics of the Knights Templar [ Glastonbury, History, Holy Grail, Knights Templar, Religion]

An urban legend from 1940 [ Agatha Christie, Coincidences, strange but true, urban legends]

The Mechanical Gorilla [ A.E. van Vogt, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Fortean Times, science fiction]

Fortean Opera [ Alchemy, Buddhism, demons, folklore, ghosts, H. P. Lovecraft, legends, Moon secrets, music, Philip K. Dick, Richard Wagner]

The Tamam Shud Mystery [ John Dickson Carr, poetry, strange but true, unexplained]

Forteana Blog 2nd Annual Report [ A.E. van Vogt, folklore, Glastonbury, retrospective]

A 20th Century Alien Defence System [ Aliens, Fortean Times, nostalgia, retro technology, satire]

The Art and Science of Microwriting [ Leonardo Da Vinci, military technology, strange but true]

An Early 20th Century Mad Scientist [ Pulp magazines, satire, science fiction, skepticism, weird science]

The Bletchley Park D-Day Pigeon Code Caper [ Coincidences, military technology, strange but true]

Dante's Divine Comic Book [ comics, mythology, poetry, satire, Symbolism]

Blowing up the Moon (again) [ Conspiracy theories, military technology, Moon secrets, space travel]

Saladin in Limbo [ History, Knights Templar, Religion, strange but true]

The Astrophysics of Gravity Modification [ Astronomy, Physics, weird science]

Space, Gravity and the Flying Saucer [ Coincidences, Physics, retro technology, UFOs, weird science]

Giants and Trojans in Ancient Britain [ Fortean places, History, legends, mythology]

Maxwell’s Demon [ demons, Physics]

Saints in the South of France [ legends, Saints, The Da Vinci Code]

Another historical myth-conception [ Art, History, Myth-conceptions, satire]

Inventing the Fourth Dimension [ Astronomy, ghosts, metaphysics, New Age, Physics, spiritualism, Theories]

Buddhism and UFOs [ Buddhism, mythology, Theories, UFOs]

Fifty Years of British UFO Research [ Aliens, Conspiracy theories, Lionel Fanthorpe, phenomena, skepticism, Theories, ufology, UFOs]

A Fortean History of Somerset [ Alchemy, demons, Fortean places, ghosts, Glastonbury, History, Holy Grail, Knights Templar, legends, Sacred sex]

A Brief History of Tantric Sex [ Buddhism, museums, New Age, Religion, Sacred sex]

Theoretical Crankology [ Ancient astronauts, Astronomy, Cryptozoology, space travel, ufology, unexplained, weird science]

The Siege of Lachish [ Archaeology, History, museums, The Bible]

The Portrait with a life of its own [ Art, History, Symbolism]

The Buddha in Mediaeval Europe [ Art, Buddhism, legends, New Age, Saints]

Esoteric Mathematics [ New Age, philosophy]

Random encounters in London and Weymouth [ ghosts, hauntings, History, strange but true]

London versus the V-2 rockets [ History, military technology, space travel]

Literary name-dropping [ A.E. van Vogt, nostalgia, paranormal, Philip K. Dick, Pulp magazines, Robert Silverberg, science fiction, The Da Vinci Code]

The STENDEC mystery [ Theories, UFOs, unexplained]

Post-Fortean Books [ Glastonbury, New Age, paranormal, Sacred sex, satire, science fiction, The Da Vinci Code]

Scalar Wave Secrets [ Alternative therapies, Conspiracy theories, New Age, Physics, weird science]

The wacky world of A. E. van Vogt [ A.E. van Vogt, Moon secrets, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Giant from the Unknown [ Atlantis, comics, fossils, hoaxes, Steve Ditko]

Crashed UFO in London [ Leonardo Da Vinci, Simulacra, Symbolism, The Da Vinci Code, UFOs]

Alien skull simulacrum [ Aliens, Ancient astronauts, comics, Simulacra]

Bacchus & Ariadne [ Archaeology, Art, legends, mythology, Sacred sex, Symbolism]

Futuristic gadgets of the 1930s [ Pulp magazines, retro technology, science fiction]

Ambiguous Symbolism [ Art, museums, Symbolism, The Bible]

Enigmatic Art [ Art, museums, Symbolism, The Bible]

What's going on here? [ Fortean Times, Simulacra]

The Principle of the Excluded Middle [ Charles Fort, philosophy, The Bible, ufology]

The First Radio Hoax? [ hoaxes, satire]

Alien Politics [ Aliens, politics, UFOs]

Chronological Snobbery [ Fortean Times, History, Myth-conceptions]

Galileo wasn't always right... [ Astronomy, Myth-conceptions, Physics, The Bible]

Saint Patrick of Glastonbury? [ Glastonbury, History, legends, Religion, Saints]

The Einstein Misconception [ Fortean Times, Myth-conceptions, Physics]

The First Paranormal Investigator? [ ghosts, hauntings, paranormal, skepticism]

The End of Books [ prophecy, retro technology, science fiction]

Angels in Machines [ Art, Astronomy, poetry, satire]

A Virtual Spaceship [ Astronomy, nostalgia, Physics, Pulp magazines, science fiction, space travel, ufology]

Devilish superstitions [ Archaeology, Earth mysteries, folklore, Sacred sex]

The History of Biblical Literalism [ Archaeology, History, museums, mythology, Religion, The Bible]

Annual Report [ Aliens, Fortean Times, retrospective, Simulacra]

On the Diverse Benefits of being Struck by Lightning [ fossils, legends, phenomena, strange but true]

Green Children from Outer Space [ Aliens, Ancient astronauts, Fortean places, Knights Templar, legends, Theories]

Art and Archaeology [ Archaeology, Art, museums]

Fortean Statistics [ Cryptozoology, Fortean Times, SETI, Theories]

Another Templar Head [ Conspiracy theories, Knights Templar, Secret societies]

The Mystic Nativity [ Art, Religion, Symbolism]

Trojans in Taunton and Totnes [ Archaeology, legends, museums, mythology, New Age]

Searching for alien artifacts [ Aliens, Astronomy, Physics, SETI, space travel]

Fossil Hoaxes and Simulacra [ fossils, hoaxes, Simulacra]

Sea Serpents, Logic and Lewis Carroll [ Cryptozoology, philosophy]

Wikipedia's Hive Mind [ skepticism, Wikipedia]

Anthropic principles [ Astronomy, Fortean Times, metaphysics, Theories, weird science]

The government asks an astrologer for help (1666) [ astrology, Coincidences, History, prophecy]

Moon Aliens [ Aliens, Conspiracy theories, Moon secrets, science fiction, space travel, ufology, UFOs]

Descent into Limbo [ Art, demons, legends, museums, Religion, Saints, Symbolism]

Con Artists [ Art, comics, hoaxes]

Lisztomania [ Art, music, phenomena]

The Loch Ness Monster, a cloned sheep and a dubious dog [ Cryptozoology, legends, Simulacra]

Shadow of the Feathered Serpent [ Archaeology, Earth mysteries, Fortean places, prophecy, pyramids]

The Year Without a Summer [ phenomena, poetry, prophecy]

Neal Adams and his Theory [ comics, Fortean Times, New Age, Theories, weird science]

Gods of the Bible [ Ark of the Covenant, demons, H. P. Lovecraft, Religion, The Bible]

Words and music by Desmond Leslie [ Atlantis, music, New Age, ufology, UFOs]

William Buckland: an early Fortean experimenter [ Cryptozoology, folklore, fossils, phenomena, unexplained]

The Ancient Mariner [ demons, drugs, H. P. Lovecraft, poetry]

David Hume: a skeptic in the 18th century [ comics, paranormal, philosophy, skepticism]

The Bible's Excluded Middle [ Archaeology, History, museums, The Bible, Theories]

Ghost town UFO? [ Fortean places, ufology, UFOs]

Otto Klemperer and the Large Black Dog [ Coincidences, Cryptozoology, hauntings, music, strange but true]

Satori - ape, goat-man or deer? [ Buddhism, Cryptozoology, folklore, legends]

The Wikipedia Authorship Question [ Shakespeare, Theories, Wikipedia]

Ningyo: the ugly little mermaid [ Cryptozoology, folklore, hoaxes, legends]

The School of Athens [ A.E. van Vogt, Art, Atlantis, Gnosticism, Leonardo Da Vinci, Philip K. Dick, philosophy]

Mach's Principle [ Astronomy, metaphysics, philosophy, Physics, Theories, weird science, Wikipedia]

A Gnostic fable [ Gnosticism, philosophy, satire]

The Great Pyramid, and other British inventions [ Archaeology, History, prophecy, pyramids, Theories]

More things in Heaven and Earth [ comics, ghosts, paranormal, Shakespeare]

The man who invented aliens [ Aliens, Astronomy, metaphysics, philosophy, The Bible]

Paranormal investigation, 18th century style [ Art, folklore, hoaxes, paranormal, satire]

Descartes and the Buddha [ Buddhism, metaphysics, philosophy]

Simulacra in fiction [ John Dickson Carr, Simulacra]

The Phantom Time Hypothesis [ Archaeology, Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times, History]

Devil-worship [ demons, Gnosticism, legends, museums, occult, Religion, witchcraft]

King Arthur's Stone [ Archaeology, Fortean places, legends, mythology, poetry]

Montségur and the fall of the Cathars [ Alchemy, Ark of the Covenant, The Da Vinci Code, Fortean places, Fortean Times, Gnosticism, Knights Templar, Lionel Fanthorpe, Rennes-le-Chateau]

Philip K. Dick, music critic [ music, Philip K. Dick, Richard Wagner, Symbolism]

Stranger than fiction [ Physics, ufology, weird science]

John Brunner: a British Philip K. Dick? [ drugs, Gnosticism, John Brunner, Philip K. Dick, science fiction]

UFOs: the forgotten book [ ufology, UFOs]

Space Odyssey [ Lionel Fanthorpe, mythology, science fiction]

Cold War collaboration [ Conspiracy theories, History, John Brunner, museums, strange but true]

Psychic archaeology [ Archaeology, Architecture, Fortean places, Glastonbury, spiritualism, strange but true]

Wikipedia versus Forteana [ Conspiracy theories, ufology, weird science, Wikipedia]

A sixteenth century dinosaur [ Art, Cryptozoology, demons, fossils, legends, Saints]

Secret Knowledge... by Mail Order [ comics, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pulp magazines, Secret societies]

The Mystery of Flight 19 [ phenomena, Pulp magazines, Richard Shaver, unexplained]

An anomaly from the early days of TV [ Fortean Times, phenomena, strange but true]

Philip K. Dick - two early British viewpoints [ Kohn Brunner, Philip K. Dick, science fiction]

The Swinging Sixties (1950-style) [ Coincidences, prophecy, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Paranormal Classification, circa 250 BC [ Buddhism, paranormal]

Fortean Events that Shook the World [ Aliens, Conspiracy theories, The Da Vinci Code, paranormal, Religion, ufology]

Dorset's Red Sea [ phenomena, Simulacra, strange but true]

A Wagnerian Thor [ comics, mythology, Richard Wagner]

The Bomb-Proof Museum [ Archaeology, Conspiracy theories, Fortean places, History, museums]

Hyperbolic Orbit [ History, Myth-conceptions, Physics, space travel]

From Myth to Reality [ Architecture, Fortean Times, Myth-conceptions, strange but true]

Black Easter [ demons, James Blish, occult, science fiction]

An important discovery about animal magnetism [ Alternative therapies, legends, strange but true, Theories]

Dragons and dinosaurs [ Cryptozoology, fossils, legends]

The Alien Pharaoh [ Aliens, Ancient astronauts, Archaeology, museums, Philip K. Dick, Theories]

Tantric Buddhism [ Buddhism, museums, Sacred sex, Symbolism]

Crystal-gazing [ museums, occult, prophecy, Theories]

An Intercontinental Rapid Transit System (1829) [ Art, museums, prophecy, retro technology, satire]

Novel space technologies [ Sacred sex, science fiction, space travel, weird science]

Smoking simulacrum [ Simulacra]

An Unlikely Guru [ Buddhism, New Age, science fiction]

Forgotten Explorer [ Art, History, satire]

Damned Data [ Art, Knights Templar, Religion, Secret societies, Theories]

Magic Words [ Coincidences, Gnosticism, New Age, Religion, Symbolism, Theories]

A Trip to the Witches' Sabbath [ drugs, Fortean Times, John Dickson Carr, occult, Pulp magazines, witchcraft]

Zen Forteana [ Aliens, Buddhism, Fortean Times]

Underground Art [ demons, Fortean places, hauntings, legends, Leonardo Da Vinci, Saints]

Japanese reactor repair, 1970s style [ Fortean Times, strange but true]

A Polish Pact with the Devil [ Fortean places, legends, occult, Simulacra]

The Person from Porlock [ Aliens, Conspiracy theories, drugs, poetry, science fiction]

Death Rays of the 1920s and 30s [ Agatha Christie, History, retro technology, science fiction, weird science]

Roche Rock simulacrum [ Coincidences, Fortean places, Fortean Times, Simulacra]

Jurassic ink [ fossils, strange but true, weird science]

Pulp Buddhism [ Buddhism, occult, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Travellers from the Stars [ Aliens, Ancient astronauts, comics, science fiction]

A "true" FOAF tale [ strange but true, urban legends]

Berlin's Chamber of Horrors [ Fortean places, History]

Hellfire Caves [ Fortean places, Sacred sex, Secret societies]

Nick Pope at the MOD [ ufology]

Sinister Barrier: the first Fortean novel [ Eric Frank Russell, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

The Double Helix of God (1914) [ metaphysics, Religion, Theories, weird science]

The Daemon of Tedworth [ demons, Fortean places, H. P. Lovecraft, hauntings, phenomena, unexplained]

Fortean Times in popular culture [ Alchemy, Fortean Times, science fiction, video games]

A Victorian Theology of Everything [ Ark of the Covenant, Phallicism, Religion, Sacred sex, Symbolism, Theories]

The Hierophant Mystery [ Fortean Times, satire, Theories, unexplained]

Califorteana [ astrobiology, Fortean places, ghosts, hauntings]

Seth Shostak on SETI (1983) [ Aliens, astrobiology, Astronomy, nostalgia, SETI]

Vatican Cosmology [ Astronomy, The Da Vinci Code, Religion]

Yeti Relic [ Buddhism, Cryptozoology, Fortean places]

Ball Lightning in the Laboratory [ phenomena, Physics, unexplained, weird science]

Alien-looking demon (1941) [ Aliens, Coincidences, demons, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

Demonic-looking Cat [ Cryptozoology, demons, Simulacra]

The Dalai Lama, quantum physics and UFOs [ Aliens, Buddhism, New Age, Physics, ufology, UFOs]

Ufology in a reputable journal [ ufology, UFOs]

Cosmic Geometry in the West Country [ Archaeology, Astronomy, Coincidences, Earth mysteries, Fortean places, New Age, Theories]

The Devil of Rennes-le-Chateau [ Coincidences, Religion, Rennes-le-Chateau, Sacred sex, Symbolism]

Fanthorpe's Fortean Fiction [ Lionel Fanthorpe, Pulp magazines, science fiction, UFOs]

Fortean World Heritage Sites [ Archaeology, History, Fortean places, New Age, pyramids, Religion, Theories]

Dinosaur Orbit [ Astronomy, Coincidences, nostalgia, Physics, space travel, weird science]

Dorset Myth-conception [ Myth-conceptions, Simulacra, urban legends]

UFO Simulacrum [ Coincidences, Simulacra, UFOs]

Phony Space Missions [ science fiction, space travel]

Voodoo Recycling [ occult, paranormal, Pulp magazines, science fiction]

UFO Detector [ ufology, UFOs, weird science]

Precogging Philip K. Dick [ A.E. van Vogt, Philip K. Dick, Pulp magazines, Richard Shaver, science fiction]

Sixteenth century alien [ Aliens, Art, Religion]

The Face on Mars (1958) [ Aliens, Astronomy, Coincidences, comics]

Experimental Metaphysics [ Ark of the Covenant, Fortean Times, metaphysics, Religion, spiritualism, The Bible]

The Great Moon Hoax [ Astronomy, Conspiracy theories, Fortean Times, Moon secrets, satire]

Goya's Shadow [ Art, Coincidences, Pulp magazines]

The Black Buddha of Stonehenge [ Buddhism, Religion, Theories]

Alien Simulacrum [ Aliens, Art, Fortean Times, museums, Simulacra]

Wikipedia Prophecy (1909) [ prophecy, satire, science fiction, Wikipedia]

The Da Vinci Code and Medieval Symbolism [ Art, The Da Vinci Code, Fortean Times, History, Leonardo Da Vinci, museums, Religion, Saints, Symbolism]

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