Andrew May's appearances in Fortean Times

Issue 154 (January 2001), page 52Letter about King John – why there was only one
Issue 165 (December 2002), page 52Short excerpt from letter about The Lone Gunmen
Issue 187 (September 2004), page 74Letter about "Sender Theory" hoax
Issue 238 (July 2008), page 2Mentioned in Editorial as winner of "Brain of Ufology" (with a limerick)
Issue 239 (August 2008), page 31Mentioned in UFO files as winner of "Brain of Ufology"
Issue 275 (May 2011), page 69Letter about redundant columns in architecture
Issue 278 (August 2011), page 73"Conspiracy or cock-up?" – short excerpt from a longer letter
Issue 279 (September 2011), page 71Letter about space visitor legends
Issue 281 (November 2011), page 67"Accidental dinosaur" – letter with picture
Issue 283 (January 2012), page 2Mentioned in Editorial – erratum regarding the speed of light
Issue 283 (January 2012), page 62Book Review – Fireballs, Skyquakes and Hums
Issue 284 (February 2012), page 61Book Review – The Edge of Physics
Issue 284 (February 2012), page 69Letter about Damned Data (and statistics)
Issue 285 (March 2012), page 49Forum article – "The bomb-proof museum" (loosely based on this blog post)
Issue 285 (March 2012), page 57Book Review – The Infinity Puzzle
Issue 287 (May 2012), page 71Letter about "Lying flat" – an example of Chronological Snobbery
Issue 288 (Special 2012), page 55Forum article – "The Locked Room mysteries" (loosely based on this blog post and this one)
Issue 288 (Special 2012), page 61Book Review – Galileo: Selected Writings
Issue 289 (June 2012), page 60Book Review – Mathematics in Victorian Britain
Issue 291 (August 2012), page 57Book Review – The Ballet of the Planets
Issue 293 (October 2012), page 55Forum article – "The Satori deer" (loosely based on this blog post)
Issue 295 (December 2012), page 60Book Review – Higgs: The Invention and Discovery of the 'God Particle'
Issue 296 (January 2013), page 62Book Review – Gravity (Brian Clegg)
Issue 297 (February 2013), page 38Feature article – "Fanthorpe's Fortean Fiction" (loosely based on this blog post and this one)
Issue 300 (Special 2013), page 64Book Review – Are We Being Watched?: The Search for Life in the Cosmos
Issue 301 (May 2013), page 49Forum article – "The Sikorski Mystery" (see this blog post)
Issue 301 (May 2013), page 67Letter about Ancient Astronauts and H.P. Lovecraft
Issue 303 (July 2013), page 62Book Review – Para-News (see also this blog post)
Issue 305 (September 2013), page 63Book Review – Planetary Geology: An Introduction
Issue 308 (December 2013), page 28Contribution to Fortean Top 40 (no. 8) – "Great Moments in Science #18" from October 1996
Issue 309 (Christmas 2013), page 53Forum article – "The Quantum Zeno Effect"
Issue 309 (Christmas 2013), page 60Book Review – Reductionism: A Beginner's Guide
Issue 310 (January 2014), page 61Book Review – Introducing Particle Physics: A Graphic Guide
Issue 310 (January 2014), page 63Book Review – Red Rock by Kate Kelly
Issue 312 (March 2014), page 72Fortean Traveller – "Wieliczka Salt Mine (loosely based on this blog post and this one)
Issue 313 (April 2014), page 62Book Review – Unseen Cosmos: The Universe in Radio
Issue 314 (May 2014), page 61Book Review – Life Beyond Earth: The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe
Issue 317 (August 2014), page 59Book Review – Celestial Revolutionary: Copernicus, the Man and His Universe
Issue 318 (September 2014), page 55Forum article – "Dark matter versus dinosaurs"
Issue 320 (November 2014), page 60Book review – Britain's X-traordinary Files (cf. this blog post)
Issue 321 (December 2014), page 56Forum article – "Raising a false flag" (adapted from Chapter 2 of Conspiracy History)
Issue 324 (February 2015), page 71Letter about Einstein's rejection by the Swiss Army
Issue 328 (June 2015), page 60Book review – Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control (cf. another review by me of the same book)
Issue 328 (June 2015), page 74Letter about the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Issue 333 (November 2015), page 76Fortean Traveller – "Oddities of the Jurassic Coast" (co-written with Paul Jackson; adapted from Weird Wessex)
Issue 334 (December 2015), page 60Book review – How We'll Live on Mars
Issue 336 (January 2016), page 63Book review – Ten Billion Tomorrows (cf. this blog post for more on this book)
Issue 338 (March 2016), page 60Book review – Ten Physicists Who Transformed Our Understanding of Reality (cf. this blog post for more on this book)
Issue 339 (April 2016), page 64Book review – Swarm Troopers: How small drones will conquer the world
Issue 340 (May 2016), page 56Book review – International Space Station: Architecture Beyond Earth
Issue 344 (September 2016), page 59Book review – Eyes on the Sky: A Spectrum of Telescopes
Issue 347 (December 2016), page 64Book review – Black Holes: The Reith Lectures
Issue 350 (February 2017), page 61A review by David Clarke of my book Pseudoscience and Science Fiction
Issue 355 (July 2017), page 40Feature article – "Astounding Science, Amazing Theories!" (see this blog post)
Issue 356 (August 2017), page 61Book review – In the Shadow of the Moon: The Science, Magic, and Mystery of Solar Eclipses (cf. another review by me of the same book)
Issue 357 (September 2017), page 60Book review – The Ascent of Gravity: The Quest to Understand the Force that Explains Everything
Issue 358 (October 2017), page 56Forum article – "The lost ruins of the Moon" (adapted from The Telescopic Tourist's Guide to the Moon)
Issue 359 (November 2017), page 58Book review – Planet Hunters: The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
Issue 362 (January 2018), page 55Forum article – "Mr Pickwick's Fortean Parable"
Issue 370 (September 2018), page 61Book review – The Great Silence: Science and Philosophy of Fermi's Paradox
Issue 372 (November 2018), page 62A review by David Clarke of my book Rockets and Ray Guns: The Sci-Fi Science of the Cold War
Issue 373 (December 2018), page 58Book review – Wacky and Wonderful Misconceptions About Our Universe
Issue 374 (Christmas 2018), page 60Book review – One of Ten Billion Earths
Issue 376 (February 2019), page 53Forum article – "More Things in Heaven and Earth"
Issue 377 (March 2019), page 62Book review – Space Exploration: Past, Present, Future
Issue 378 (April 2019), page 65Book review – The Cosmic Mystery Tour
Issue 380 (June 2019), page 42David Clarke's article "The Man from the Ministry", including an interview with me
Issue 384 (October 2019), page 55Forum article – "Keeping a Lid on the V-2"
Issue 387 (Christmas 2019), page 61A review by Mark Greener of my Astrobiology book
Issue 390 (March 2020), page 51Forum article – "Fort and the Viennese Trichord"
Issue 392 (May 2020), page 64Double review – The Magicians and The Universe Speaks in Numbers
Issue 395 (August 2020), page 62Book review – 101 Facts You Didn't Know About Space
Issue 398 (November 2020), page 56Forum article – "The Music of the Spheres"
Issue 401 (January 2021), page 57Book review – The Clock Mirage
Issue 404 (April 2021), page 55Forum article – "Extraordinary Claims"
Issue 405 (May 2021), page 61Book review – The Fortean Influence on Science Fiction
Issue 410 (October 2021), page 63Book review – It's the End of the World (Roberts)
Issue 411 (November 2021), page 62Double review – Mars (O'Meara) and The Red Planet (Morden)
Issue 412 (December 2021), page 63A review by Steve Marshall of my book The Science of Sci-Fi Music
Issue 413 (Christmas 2021), page 60Double review – 10 Short Lessons in Time Travel (Clegg) and Time Travel (Redfern)
Issue 423 (October 2022), page 50Forum article – "Faraday and Antigravity"
Issue 426 (Christmas 2022), page 51Book review – Gravitomagnetism
Issue 427 (January 2023), page 53Book review – A Brief History of Timekeeping
Issue 433 (July 2023), page 54Forum article – "AI, Art and Forteana"
Issue 435 (September 2023), page 60Book review – Memo for Nemo
Issue 436 (October 2023), page 52Book review – The Magick of Matter
Issue 439 (Christmas 2023), page 56A review by David Hambling of the illustrated edition of my Astrobiology book
Issue 439 (Christmas 2023), page 57Book review – Acoustics: The Art of Sound
Issue 441 (February 2024), page 59 Book review – For the Love of Mars
Issue 447 (August 2024), page 55 Book review – Interstellar Tours

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