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Three UFO limericks

by Andrew May

I am the Fortean Times Brain of Ufology 2008!
I acquired this prestigious-sounding title by winning a quiz that appeared in the magazine. The quiz required a UFO-themed limerick as a tie-breaker, and I ended up producing three of these before I had one I really liked. All three are printed below -- in the end it was the last of these that I used.

A man with a wide open mind
Said UFOs are easy to find:
You just have to toke
The right kind of smoke
For an encounter of the alien kind!

An eminent skeptic maintained
That UFOs are simply explained
As swamp gas, the moon,
Or a weather balloon,
Or a hoax thatís obviously feigned.

A ufologist named Dr Bacon
For a ride in a saucer was taken.
But when he got back
Men came dressed in Black
And told him he must be mistaken.

Copyright © 2008 Andrew May

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