Andrew May's Popular Science book reviews

Space and Astronomy

The Cosmic Microwave Background by Rhodri Evans (June 2015)

The Cosmic Web by J. Richard Gott (May 2016)

Astrophysics: A Very Short Introduction by James Binney (January 2017)

Astronomy Adventures and Vacations by Timothy Treadwell (April 2017)

In the Shadow of the Moon by Anthony Aveni (May 2017)

The Aliens are Coming! by Ben Miller (August 2017)

Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil deGrasse Tyson (October 2017)

Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs by Lisa Randall (March 2018)

Asteroid Hunters by Carrie Nugent (March 2018)

Gravitational Waves by Brian Clegg (March 2018)

The Great Silence by Milan Cirkovic (April 2018)

The Ultimate Interplanetary Travel Guide by Jim Bell (July 2018)

Enjoy Our Universe by Alvaro de Rújula (July 2018)

Mercury by William Sheehan (November 2018)

Aliens edited by Jim Al-Khalili (November 2018)

The Cosmic Mystery Tour Nicholas Mee (February 2019)

Space Exploration Carolyn Collins Petersen (February 2019)

Celestial Calculations J. L. Lawrence (May 2019)

Saturn by William Sheehan (November 2019)

Hubble Legacy by Jim Bell (April 2020)

Twenty Worlds by Niall Deacon (September 2020)

Mars by Stephen James O'Meara (October 2020)

Cosmic Odyssey by Linda Schweizer (November 2020)

The Spacefarer's Handbook by Bergita and Urs Ganse (May 2021)

Colliding Worlds by Simone Marchi (August 2021)

Asteroids by Clifford Cunningham (August 2021)

Soviets in Space by Colin Burgess (August 2022)


Weird Science

How UFOs Conquered the World: The History of a Modern Myth by David Clarke (May 2015)

Greenglow and the Search for Gravity Control by Ronald Evans (May 2015)

Space Oddities by S. D. Tucker (July 2017)

UFO Drawings from the National Archives by David Clarke (September 2017)

10 Short Lessons in Time Travel by Brian Clegg (August 2021)


History of Science

The Chemists' War 1914-1918 by Michael Freemantle (May 2015)

Music by the Numbers by Eli Maor (May 2018)

Kepler and the Universe by David Love (June 2018)

Galileo Galilei, the Tuscan Artist by Pietro Greco (August 2018)

Professor Maxwell's Duplicitous Demon Brian Clegg (February 2019)

The Magicians Marcus Chown (February 2020)


Science Fiction

Ten Billion Tomorrows by Brian Clegg (December 2015)

All the Wonder that Would Be by Stephen Webb (September 2017)

The Martian by Andy Weir (September 2017)

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams by Philip K. Dick (October 2017)

The Best of R. A. Lafferty by R. A. Lafferty (May 2019)

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir (May 2022)


Andrew May's books (reviewed by Brian Clegg)

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Destination Mars (July 2017)

The Telescopic Tourist's Guide to the Moon (July 2017)

The Science Behind Jules Verne's Moon Novels (March 2018)

Rockets and Ray Guns: The Sci-Fi Science of the Cold War (July 2018)

Cosmic Impact: Understanding the Threat to Earth from Asteroids and Comets (March 2019)

The Science of Sci-Fi Music (July 2020)

The First Killer Robots (October 2020)


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