The Museum of the Future

Museum of the Future

Twenty tales of High Strangeness featuring conspiracy theorists, mad scientists, hippies, geeks and miscellaneous weirdos: A group of Cambridge academics investigate a crashed UFO... An outcast scientist discovers the secret of anti-gravity... A paranormal author finds himself prime suspect in the Case of the Purloined Poe... A student has a bewildering vision of the future... Four New Agers are regressed back to their past lives... An engineer invents a new way to spy on the competition... A viewer gets too deeply involved in a TV cop show... A young woman battles the spies, aliens and perverts that only she can see... and a dozen more stories!

Published by Fortean Fiction (CFZ Publishing Group) in December 2014 and available as a paperback (ISBN 978-1-909488-23-6) from Amazon UK or by ordering from any good bookshops. Also available in Kindle format from Amazon US and other Amazon sites.

Copyright © 2015 Andrew May