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Just a few links that I've found useful, under various headings (the links open in a new window).

UPDATE 2010: This list is now 5 years old, and several of the links no longer work. I've indicated where I think this is the case by [dead link].


Despite its inclination toward skepticism, the Fortean Times is still the best source of up-to-date Fortean news stories. The Anomalist, Paranormal News, Mystery Magazine and UFO Roundup are also good sites for Fortean links and news stories, while a good general fortean/paranormal/UFO directory site is UFOseek. For the latest UFO news from the man who really knows what's going on, see Nick Pope's regularly updated Weird World page.


For weirdness of the postmodern kind, see Alan Sokal's page for the amazing true story of the "Science Wars" scandal. Or create your own masterpiece of postmodern erudition using the Postmodernism Generator.


There's an alternative science [dead link] page from Richard Milton, and Alternate Views from John Cramer. For heavier stuff, try NASA's Breakthrough Physics [dead link] site, Jacques Benveniste's DigiBio [dead link], or Brian Josephson's Mind-Matter Unification project. Other scientists with a holistic world view include Rupert Sheldrake and David Peat. For a huge list of alternate science links, including antigravity and other anomalous physics, see Bill Beaty's Weird Science pages. Or for Chaos theory, Complexity and related topics, try the sprawling CALResCo site. The internet is packed with stuff about zero-point energy -- for an interesting new slant on the subject, see Peter Laurie's [dead link] theory relating vacuum energy density to the curvature of the universe. There are loads of sites bridging the gap between science and the paranormal, for example CrypticLink, An Unlike World [dead link] and Jean-Pierre Petit's [dead link] site.


As a repository of world beliefs past and present, nothing beats the Internet Sacred Text Archive. For myths and legends, there's the Encyclopedia Mythica, while Godserver is a good general directory of New Age and spiritual sites. For Shiatsu specifically, see the Shiatsu Society site, and the Buddhist Society for Buddhism. Some of the articles that I've scanned in for the Buddhist Society can be found here. You can find plenty more mind/body/spirit links at my other site, ZEN DYNAMICS, as well as an interactive personality test and a word-by-word translation and analysis of the Heart Sutra. Another subject that has always fascinated me is MYSTICAL SEX!


My favorite authors are the ones who are strong on metaphysical ideas, such as Philip K Dick and H P Lovecraft, the creator of the Cthulhu mythos. Also in this category, though far less well known these days, is A E Van Vogt. Then far below the league of Van Vogt, PKD and HPL there's Lionel Fanthorpe -- an extremely prolific and Fortean writer whose ideas race ahead of his literary ability. There are lots of other SF links at my site devoted to John W Campbell's ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION magazine, as well as some Fortean quotations.

Uchronia is a huge bibliography of more than 2000 "alternate history" stories. For more general fiction resources, the Science Fiction Museum also has a lot of good links. A couple of resources that I've contributed to myself are the European Space Agency's Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction project, and the Oxford English Dictionary's Science Fiction Citations page.

Amongst the many science fiction webzines, the ones that have published my own stories are The Fortean Bureau, Twilight Times, Bewildering Stories, Quantum Muse and the now defunct (as a webzine) Nuketown, while [dead link] gave my site its "Award of Excellence" in 2002.


In the world of comic books, it's sad to see there are no fan sites devoted to the great Lee & Kirby collaboration, or indeed to Stan Lee himself. However, there's plenty of stuff about the Jack Kirby half of the team, while that whole period of comic book history is covered by the Silver Age Marvel Comics Cover Index [dead link].

As regards more traditional art, one of the most "Fortean" proponents has got to be Hieronymus Bosch. A vast amount of art inspired by the Bible can be found at Biblical Art, and by Arthurian legend at Celtic Twilight [dead link]. On a similar theme to the latter, Monsalvat is a fascinating site devoted to Richard Wagner's opera Parsifal. Finally, no survey of Forteana in the arts would be complete without a mention of the X-Files. For cult TV in general, take a look at the Newton's Laws site.


Peter's Projection - Peter Harriman's Weymouth site. Lyme Regis Museum - a purpose-built late Victorian museum on Dorset's Jurassic coast, covering local history, archeology and geology -- particularly strong on fossils and the historical development of palaeontology. Montacute House - a huge renaissance mansion in South Somerset, with a large collection of paintings from the National Portrait Gallery. Dark Dorset - folklore, mysteries and the unexplained in the county of Dorset. World Heritage Sites in South-West England - all seven of them!

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