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The best place to start is George Willick's Spacelight. This site contains essential biographical data and bibliographies for a long list of SF writers who are now deceased, including many regular Astounding authors such as Isaac Asimov, Randall Garrett, L Ron Hubbard, Raymond F Jones, H Beam Piper, Eric Frank Russell and A E van Vogt, as well as John W Campbell himself.

There are also excellent single author sites for Isaac Asimov, Eric Frank Russell and A E Van Vogt - who, in their very different ways, are probably the three most characteristic of Astounding's regular writers.

By way of more general SF bibliographies, there is the FictionMags Index, the Locus index to science fiction and the Archive of Science Fiction. The latter resource includes a directory of SF pseudonyms, which is invaluable for authors like Randall Garrett, who used numerous aliases in his magazine-published work.

An author who is not typical of Campbell's Astounding, although he had one of his most important early stories published there ("Impostor", in June 1953), is Philip K Dick. Like the best of the Astounding writers, Dick was a man of ideas, and I've compiled a list of metaphysical quotations from his novels similar to the list of Astounding quotes on this site.

There are a number of excellent collections of SF magazine cover scans available, including several with more or less complete runs of Astounding):

The last two of these include British Reprint covers as well as the US original (the "Jaunting the Aether" site provides side-by-side comparisons of the two versions).

Information about Analog magazine, the present-day successor to Astounding, can be found at the official website.

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