The First Killer Robots

The First Killer Robots

Guided Missiles in the 20th Century


From the flying bombs of World War Two to the nuclear arms race, from the Cuban Missile Crisis to the Scud attacks of the Gulf War, from the shooting down of a CIA spyplane by Soviet surface-to-air missiles to the accidental downing of airliners, guided missiles made alarming headlines throughout the latter part of the 20th century. This book cuts through the complexities of the subject to give an insight into the world of these first "killer robots", explaining how they work, how they were employed, their historical impact and their legacy for our own times. Illustrated with over a hundred photographs and diagrams.

  • The book really comes alive when May tells us a story, particularly of a real life situation where a guided missile has been used in error, resulting in particularly shocking outcomes ... I was surprised by how gripping some of the stories of missile deployment were.

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