Kundalini Conspiracy

Kundalini Conspiracy

Strange things are going on in the town of Blastonbury, and paranormal investigator Byron Bland is determined to get to the bottom of them. UFO sightings, a sinister military experiment, a mysterious cult and a mad scientist are just the start of it.

Byron finds himself embroiled in the weird world of Blastonbury's New Age subculture, and acquires a reluctant ally in the form of Jessica Peace-Lily -- a diminutive, mousy-haired young woman who turns out to be a black-belt Tantric Elemental.

Between them, Byron and Jessica uncover evidence that a long-forgotten but fearsome force is at work -- a force that goes back to the time of ancient Egypt, Atlantis and the lost Indian civilization of Rama.

ISBN 978-1-4116-1739-1 (84 page paperback) or 978-1-257-39682-5 (e-book).

Available as a Kindle book from Amazon.com and Amazon UK, and as an ebook from iTunes and elsewhere.

Also available as a paperback book from Amazon.com and Amazon UK.

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