Bloody British History: Somerset

Bloody British History: Somerset

– Horrors of the caves! The ghastly true story of the Cheddar cannibals!

Twilight of the Empire! Romans, Saxons and the legends of King Arthur!

– Swords against the Vikings! The Somerset heroes who defied the Norse hordes!

– Martyrs, murderers, pirates and mad scientists – Somerset’s strangest residents revealed!

– Death Storm! The terrible toll of the Great Storm of 1703!

– Spies in Somerset!

Containing more than two thousand years of Somerset history, thrill to stunning true stories of battles and bloodshed, executions and exorcisms, sinister Templars and Victorian sex cults! With more than 60 illustrations plus an eight-page colour section, you’ll never see the county in the same way again!

Paperback, 96 pages + 8 colour plates (ISBN 978-0-7524-8743-4). Available from, Amazon UK and all good booksellers.

Copyright © 2012 Andrew May