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These are some of the books that have been written about Astounding Science Fiction:

The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology, edited by John W Campbell, Jr (1952). This is Campbell's own retrospective of Astounding's golden years, containing 24 stories ranging from Heinlein's Blowups Happen and Van Vogt's Vault of the Beast (both dating from 1940) to James H Schmitz' The Witches of Karres (1949) and H Beam Piper's Last Enemy (1950).

A Requiem for Astounding, by Alva Rogers (1964). This is the best-known history of Astounding magazine, produced by someone who was a devoted fan rather than a literary critic. It covers the period from the magazine's pre-Campbell origins up to the transition to Analog in 1960, but with particular emphasis on the "golden age" of the 1940s.

Astounding Days, by Arthur C Clarke (1989). This is another "fan's eye view" of the magazine, by someone who subsequently became a Big Name SF author in his own right. The book is as much about Arthur C Clarke as it is about Astounding Science Fiction, as indicated by its subtitle "a science fictional autobiography"!

The Astounding-Analog Reader, edited by Harry Harrison and Brian Aldiss (1973). This is another tribute book produced by people who started out as fans and later became accomplished authors (and editors) in their own right. The book is basically an anthology, but with substantial historical sections linking the stories.

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