The Aquarius Code

The Aquarius Code

The Aquarius Code (revised edition), 17000 words

When a group of tourists disappears on a visit to Stonehenge, the police suspect a publicity stunt. But Professor Henry Vaughan, head of Gnostic Theology at Oxford University, knows better. A crack has appeared in reality, and a cosmic crisis is looming! Vaughan embarks on a frantic quest as powerful forces close in. He takes a vital piece of evidence—the Aquarius Code—and goes on the run. With him is Ruth Totton, the only witness to what really happened. As their desperate search leads them across the ancient landscape of Britain, Vaughan and Ruth gradually learn the secret of the Aquarius Code and its astonishing links to Gnostic Theology and secret sex rituals.

Available as a Kindle book from and Amazon UK, and as an ebook from iTunes and elsewhere (ISBN 978-1-300-01023-4).

Also available as a paperback book, together with The Naked Guru, from Lulu.

Copyright © 2012 Andrew May