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A personality test based on the five Chinese elements:
More than simply "Which of the five elements are you?", this test generates your own personalized element chart showing your strongest, second strongest and weakest element and the interactions between them

Everyone knows there is a lot of wisdom in the ancient teachings of the Far East. What is not always appreciated, however, is that both Zen Buddhism and traditional Chinese medicine offer effective practical techniques to harmonize mind/body/spirit dynamics and improve holistic well-being.

As a taster, this simple interactive test will analyze your personality in terms of the Chinese elements, show how your different emotional energies interact with each other, and suggest a meditation subject that will help you keep your karma in balance.

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For a deeper insight into Buddhism, take a look at the Heart Sutra. In its Japanese form, it's also great for chanting!

On a lighter note, you can also try the New Religious Movement generator!

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